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Light and Breathable unisex Body Shaping mesh Girdle with firm control and 3 splints to prevent rolling

The FarmaCell UNISEX Bodyshaper with a firm control mesh girdle has 3 back splints to prevent it from rolling down. This product is available in 6 sizes to meet the...

Invisible Body Shaping Girdle Waist Shaper 4 Splints Anti Rolling Down

FarmaCell microfiber Bodyshaper with firm control girdle has 4 back splints to prevent it from rolling down. Effectively shapes the hips and tummy while providing unrivalled comfort. Several features make...
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Women's Push-Up Anti-Cellulite Control Vest

FarmaCell microfiber anti-cellulite control vest has an immediate push-up and slimming effect. Thanks to its elastic bands, it instantly flattens your tummy, lifts your breast and shapes your hips and...

INNERGY Anticellulite Leggings with infrared (FIR) Slimming Effect

Leggings with high foldover waistband. Made with innovative NILIT INNERGY fibre that uses far infrared rays (FIR) to gently warm up the deepest layers of the skin, thereby invigorating the...
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Women's High-Waisted Anti-Cellulite Micromassage Shorts

The FarmaCell Short Top is one of the anti-cellulite micro-massage shapers offered by the FarmaCell line. These high waisted, anti-cellulite, above-knee shorts massage your skin thanks to their special knit...